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Crafts in Health Care / Sales

Health care services, as well as providers of health care supplies, are important factors to the health of patients. Demands of patients and health insurances funds led to the fact that this area is increasingly subject to quality system requirements.

In Germany, we are the leading quality system registrar in the area of crafts in health care and health care supply stores. Orthopedic technicians, orthopedic shoemakers, hearing aid technicians, opticians and dental laboratories belong in Germany to the crafts professions and are considered as manufacturers of custom made medical devices. The introduction of a quality system supports these professions in performing their duties with respect to not only legal documentation requirements but also in introduction of uniform processes as well. The voluntary certification of their quality system gives them the opportunity to promote this fact to not only the public but also within the company. 

A wide range of health care supplies are distributed by health care stores as well as by pharmacies. The specific requirements for such enterprises can be reasonably documented and monitored by introduction of a quality system.