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Declaration of independence, objectivity, neutrality and confidentiality by the management board

As a Notified Body and Certification Body, our strength and objective is to perform audits, activities, assessments, and evaluations.

Strict independence, objectivity, neutrality, and confidentiality are not only demanded by various legal and normative requirements, but are also the general principles of our work.
Our employees and external-cooperation partners have made a formal and written commitment to these core requirements of independence, objectivity, neutrality, and confidentiality.  Based on this commitment, consulting activities are generally prohibited and/or limited according to normative guidelines.

Our employees are not compensated based on the results of their work, and may not accept any benefits from the clients or grant them any advantages.

All business decisions involved with certification are made only by full-time employees of mdc who were not involved in the assessment process. If any decisions by mdc, such as granting, refusing, limiting, or suspending of certification, are not accepted by a client, a neutral arbitration process can be initiated.

An independent supervision board routinely controls and evaluates compliance with these principles.